Magneticod backup/bootstrap

What is this for?

This is a backup or bootstrap database that can be used to have a list of torrents readily available when you first use magnetico.
magnetico is an autonomous, self-hosted BitTorrent DHT search engine suite. More info can be found here:

This backup contains that was searchable on my publicly hosted magnetico instance (down indefinitely until I can bring myself to host an instance again).

There are more backups available, e.g. this one by Glandos and this one by Anindya Maiti.
Feel free to check these out as well!

You may merge multiple magneticod backups using this script by Glandos.

The file you get through the torrent should be unpacked using zstd (Zstandard).

Download as torrent

The torrent below does not contain any trackers. It relies purely on DHT.